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“Good Health and overall mental and emotional well-being is the key to a happy and successful life”.

Stress, Trauma, unhappy relationships, family issues, excessive sugar and carbohydrate intake, environmental factors, dehydration are the culprits for ill health and disease. The body is overloaded with current and past stresses and is in a constant fight and flight reaction. Too much adrenalin is produced and the chemical effect can lead to overtiredness or chronic fatigue.
Kinesiology – muscle testing can access stresses and imbalances in the body or mind and identify ways of clearing them in a holistic and supportive way.

Nutrition- has a big impact on energy and blood sugar levels and in gaining or losing weight. Professional nutritional advice helps you to achieve your personal weight goals.

Bowen technique- is a gentle manipulation on specific areas of the body to balance muscle groups, fascia and ligaments. It allows the body to reset back, neck and joint imbalances and reduce pain.

Allergy testing- test vials and specific acupuncture points are held to identify allergies and intolerances.

Healing- Chi energy is balanced in meridians, chakras and the energy field and attachments are cleared.

Reflexology- gentle pressure is applied on specific points on the soles of the feet to access information about organs and glands in the body- Reflexology has been used in China for over 5000 years.

Supplements and Support- Kinesiology can identify nutritional and herbal supplements to support your physical health.

Massage- releasing deep seated tension in muscle and ligaments eases pain, discomfort and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Crystal Healing- Crystals carry healing energy and restore emotional, physical, mental and electromagnetic imbalance.

Other therapies: Kinergetics, Psych-K, Touch for Health, Metamorphic technique, Tibetan massage

All our practitioners are professionally trained and highly experienced in their chosen fields. Our main aim is to support you in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

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